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How To Groom A Border Collie

How to Groom your Border Collie Step 1. Plan to clip your dogs nails at least once a month.

How To Groom A Border Collie Youtube Border Collie Collie Border

How do you trim collie fur.

How to groom a border collie. How to properly groom your Border Collie at home Detangle your Borders coat. How do you take care of a border collie fur. Brush your dogs coat completely from head to tail before attempting to groom them.

Dog combs come in both wide-toothed and fine-toothed varieties. In addition to bi-weekly or daily during shedding seasons brushing and semi-regular bathing theres one other grooming need you need to be aware of with your border collie. Remove mats using the mat splitter.

Detangling spray- to help detangle fur and make it soft for brushing Styling gels Hydrating gels- to keep your collies coat hydrated Quick finishing styling spray to prevent tangles. This helps keep his feet clean and prevents slipping. Trim excess hair around your dogs feet.

As a good rule of thumb if. Trim the hair between the pads on your border collies feet at least once a month with a short straight pair of blunt-nose scissors such as the Miracle Care 7 14 Curved Blunt Tip Shear for Dogs Cats. Many Border Collie owners like to spritz on canine detangling spray before beginning to brush.

A grooming routine doesnt have to be onerous however. How To Groom A Border Collie Video. Smooth-coated border collies wear a shorter coat than their rough counterparts who carry a double coat consisting of a thick undercoat and a long outer coat that can be straight or wavy.

Begin by using your de-shedding tool of choice undercoat rake or slicker brush to. How to groom a border collie for a show. I truly love showing you all what Ive learned and what I see.

So to get to the big questiondo. Ear Cleaning Step 5. Use the right tools and products to keep your dogs coat soft and under control.

Top Coat Grooming Step 4. We suggest that you should be taking the brush to your pets coat around three times per week to ensure that your Border Collies coat doesnt become matted or knotty. Sep 15 2016 - Border collies have thick lustrous fur that can become tangled and matted if not regularly groomed.

Thank you for watching and thank you for your support. In pet Collies this may be trimmed using scissors cutting a line parallel to the bone. How to Groom your Border Collie.

Groom your border collie at least three times a week. Have your dog lie on its side and hold its foot gently to brace the leg. Grooming a Border Collies undercoat and top coat.

Feb 25 2017 - Hard-working herding dogs border collies have easy-care coats either smooth or rough. Do Border Collies need haircuts. Removing Mats and Tangles.

Using blunt-nosed scissors trim around the line of the foot and remove the long hair which grows between the toes. Trim the hair on your dogs tail. Comb out the feathering on the hind legs.

Many Border Collie owners like to spritz on canine detangling spray before beginning to brush their dogs Step 2. Trim the hair around your dogs ears. Undercoat Grooming Step 3.

If nails are allowed to get too long they can cause serious discomfortor even painfor your pet. The hair on your Rough Collies back legs should be trimmed when overgrown for a more polished look. Start off your grooming sessions using a pin brush.

Brushing is key to keeping your pet clean and smelling fresh. Additional border collie grooming needs. So how many times should you be grooming your Border Collie.

If you introduce your dog to grooming as a puppy you should encounter fewer problems when grooming them older particularly with Border Collies who are active and energetic dogs. Since mats are often found close to. Stripping the Undercoat.

Did you know that once you wet your dogs hair especially for double-coated canines the.

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