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German Shepherd Cane Corso Mix

Dad is a cane corso mom is a German shepherd. But dont worry Great Danes are sometimes referred to as the Gentle Giants so a mix of the Great Dane and Cane Corso despite his scary appearance will make a great family pet.

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Cane Corsos are large dogs that are loyal protective and affectionate towards their families.

German shepherd cane corso mix. Grab the FREE Dog Training Cheat Sheet which disc. With a German Shepherd Cane Corso Mix you are guaranteed to have a large dog that requires early socialization and consistent training. German Shepherd and Cane Corso The German Shepherd and Cane Corso are both known to be very serious hardworking dogs.

And substantial variety which has many unique features. Despite his larger size he still enjoys an averagely longer lifespan. The German Corso combines the German Shepherd and Cane Corso.

We are in southern indiana I have 2 males and 2 females avaliable any more questions or request mire info or pics text 8129728876. Because a mix can take on any combination of traits from one of both of the parent breeds you want to make sure you talk to the breeder about the other parent breed in the mix. The German Corso is an intelligent dog thanks to the German Shepherds origin as well as the Cane Corso side of the family.

Thor is a 3 12 month old German ShepherdCane Corso mix that we got a couple weeks ago hes very smart and starting to be protective of the family and prop. Breed Information Great Pyrenees German Shepherd Mix. Owner needs to be experienced in larger breeds and be ready and willing for behavior classes.

Tweet Share Pin It Print. They Will be big and probably furry dogs. Meet Roger a German Shepherd Dog Cane Corso Mix Dog for adoption at Jersey Girls Animal Rescue in South Plainfield NJ on Petfinder.

CANE CORSO VS GERMAN SHEPHERD is a semi final contest in our winner tak. Breed Information For Love and Obedience Try a German Whippet Mix. This mix will almost certainly be very intelligent but with a stubborn streak.

The German Shepherd-Cane Corso Mix is highly trainable especially if it takes its intelligence from its GSD parent. So you want to know what the best guard dog breed is. What is the personality and temperament of German Corso breed.

Its almost like having another fatherly figure in the house who is always protecting you and your family. Mixed breeds are often referred. The Cane Corso is a little healthier than the German Shepherd.

German Shepherds are recognized as one of the smartest dog breeds. Since it is not a standard cross much of what we surmise about the German Corso we base on what we speculate might pass down from the pure-bred parents. Their offspring will likely follow suit.

A Cane Corso Mix is a cross between a Cane Corso and another dog breed. Plenty of exercise and socialization is required to help your dog overcome unruly or fearful situations. Mix breed of Cane Corso and German Shepherd.

They belong to the first tier of canine intelligence where dogs are expected to learn new commands in fewer than 5 repetitions. Both the Corso and the German Shepherd are fairly healthy dog breeds. CANE CORSO VS GERMAN SHEPHERD.

Httpbitly2itQDsR - Click on the LINK to get your FREE Mini-CourseBlogger. A German Shepherd Cane Corso mix also known as a German Corso is a mix between two reasonably similar working-type dogs who also have exceptional guarding abilities. She will likely be l.

The German shepherd pitbull mix is beautiful. Theyre quite easy to train but they should be paired with someone who can be calm and firm while training them. 5 Labrador Corso Cane Corso Labrador Retriever.

Written by mohammed debon in. Breed Information Is the German Shepherd Bloodhound Mix a Great Trail Dog Choice. The German Shepherd enjoys 7 to 10 years and the Cane Corso enjoys 9 to 12 years.

Learn more about Roger today.

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