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Are Border Collies Good Guard Dogs

That being said it is not. They will not attack or restrict any intruder.

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Its not what theyre strongest at doing though because Border Collies are natural herders of flocks.

Are border collies good guard dogs. While the Border collie is known to nudge stubborn children and nip at the heels of livestock these behaviors do not necessarily display aggression. Because of this they make for good service dogs. This is unlikely because Border Collies would alert but not tackle the threats.

Unfortunately the Border collie can be anything but a guard dog. They are also extremely smart and highly trainable. Border Collies are great dogs and are perfect for families as watchdogs.

It is likely that with a lot of training you could train your Border Collie to be a guard dog but it is not instinctual to them. It is also essential to think about the liability that comes with having a dog you know will bite someone and is it fair to put the responsibility of protecting you on your dog. With the right training they can do this job but it depends on their individuality and character.

Otherwise their natural caution can become shyness. Characteristics of Border Collies that make for a good guard dog Overall Border Collies are known for being a relatively noisy breed as with most dogs in the herding group. This can be dated back to the way they are bred.

They are a very well established breed and protect flocks of animals as their natural job to do. A guard dog or a canine that will really stop an intruder normally takes special breeding and training but there are many dogs that are superb watch dogs. Keep calm and the Rough Collie will take care of unwanted people or animals.

In Belgium schipperkes earned the nickname little captain of the boat because of their work as ship guard dogs. Standoffish by nature Border Collies need extensive exposure to people and to unusual sights and sounds. How much outdoor time will a Border Collie Need.

They can be great guard dogs. You have to remember that youve trained your dog to act outside of its comfort zone and you may be liable for any injury that results from this training. Its also wary of strangers making it a good family watchdog.

According to our chart Border Collie Dogs score out of 5 in the scale of breeds that are considered the best watch dogs. No Border Collies are not good guard dogs rather good watchdogs. This dog will bark and alert its owners when an intruder is present.

This makes them good watchdogs but not great guard dogs. Can Border Collies Be Guard Dogs. In short no Border Collies are not well pre-disposed for being a guard dog.

Are Border Collies good apartment dogs. If its really important to you that your Collie is protective of the home you can always invest your time into training guard dog behaviours but dont be too surprised if it isnt successful. Border collies have the protective instincts to guard flocks like other herding breeds do but they are not specifically good guard dogs like German Shepherds and Dobermans are.

A Border collie is best with older kids who wont chase their pet. Are Border Collies good guard dogs. You will likely have a much happier dog.

Can Collies Be A Watch Dog. They are also likely to be suspicious or spooked when in new situations which can make them very likely to bark when a stranger is at the door. The Border collie is loyal and can be good with children.

These traits are traces of the genetic lineage of herding dogs. A Border Collie is far more comfortable at home on the ranch than in an apartment. Border collies are not natural guard dogs and training them to do anything other than be a watchdog comes with a certain level of liability.

Quite a few Border Collies are brilliant escape artists. The answer to the question can a Border Collie be a guard dog is not a simple yes or no. Rough Collies are extremely protective guard dogsThis breed doesnt hesitate to protect their territory so the Rough Collie can be a good choice if you want an excellent guard dog.

So are Border Collies good guard dogs. However while the Border collie may be a good family dog its not good for every family. But they generally dont make good guard dogs against intruders.

See Border Collie Training. As stated earlier guard dogs do not only alert their owners about threats but also tackle the threats. Although Border Collies are medium in stature they have lots of energy.

Training a Collie To Be a Watch Dog Lots of people get a canine because they want more security around their houses. It is moderately protective of its owners and are generally considered to be good guardians. Gates should be extra-secure as clever Border Collies.

That said from research I discovered that Border Collies do not make for great guard dogs as whilst they can intimidate sheep they are not equally as scary to humans. Border Collies can also provide physical assistance to people with diabetes anxiety disorder. Thinking to own a Border Collie puppy and want to know whether a Border Collie can be a good watch dog or if Border Collie Dogs are protective of their owners.

If you have one of these dogs your fences should be 6-8 feet high with wire sunk into the ground along the fence line to thwart digging.

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