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Can Border Collies Live In Apartments

As yes it may mean not hanging out with friends as often unless they too are dog owners and it means coming home after work and not going to say happy hour and hanging with coworkers for a few hours and it is not just for a few weeks but depending upon the age of the dog it is a committment of may years. If you can find a way to live with those the positives will be a delight.

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The biggest consideration of living in an apartment with border collies is that I have to spend a lot time outside exercising with them since they cant go out and run off energy in the yard by themselves as there is none.

Can border collies live in apartments. And it may also. She balanced a can on her head and walked 100 meters in only 2. When it comes to Border Collies people often have a picture in their heads of the well trained dog with impressive skills and boat loads of fun tricks and talents.

This breed will do fine in a kennel provided it has daily activity and sees plenty of its handler. Contrary to popular belief small size doesnt necessarily an apartment dog make. We often see mismatches in this breed.

The Border Collies coat comes in all colors. They need wide open spaces and the ability to roam free so even though theyre not very large they arent well suited for a small apartment home. If you live in an apartmetcondo that one thing you have to be is honest with yourself do you really have time to exrecise the dog.

That means I get up early to run them before work and I have to return home immediately after work. Sadly we lost her at 8 yrs old to a bowel tumour. The reality is that dog has an owner who has put in extensive time managing and training that impressive dog.

I have actually successfully lived with border. They are very active indoors and do best with acreage. We have a Border Collie a Border Collie X an English Pointer.

Border Collies have a dense double coat with a top coat that can be either short or medium in length. These dogs can have a tendency to chase after small animals or try and heard bicycles or cars. In your experience how does a collie do in apartment living.

However be mindful when and where you take your Border Collie outside. Cattle Dogs Border Collies. They all love each other get on great.

In 2008 a Border Collie-mix named Sweet Pea set a record for dog balancing. Plenty of small dogs are too high-energy and yappy for life in a high-rise. I have a 600 square foot deck but they dont run around out there either.

We now have Daisie our funny Border Collie she is 3 yrs old. His fur can be wavy or straight but always has a slightly coarse texture giving it a rugged weather-resistant quality. Nov 21 2018 - Can a Border Collie live in an apartment.

I was never a lover of Border Collies but we lost our beloved Pointer our 1st Border Collie came into our lives Rosie. The Border Collie is not recommended for apartment life. My question to all of you collie owners out there is this.

These dogs are active agile and intelligent. Yes I lived in a 800sq ft apartment with my 2-year-old Collie for a year when he was a puppy in a huge complex in the city. You might not need them to keep any sheep in line but they are excellent house pets.

When I say larger apartment- I mean 1000ish SqFt. Border Collies are a great dog to have as a pet. Can Border Collies Be Apartment Dogs.

Border collies are not wimpy house dogs they much prefer to be working outdoors. She was so precious a dream to train. The horrorChoose the breed that fits your lifestyle.

Border Collies need to live somewhere will a large yard or propertya farm is even more ideal. Being quiet low energy fairly. Admittedly his energy levels are a bit lower than maybe other Collies but.

Tirc83iStock The ultimate working dog the border collie is bred to. Yes you can have a dog in an apartment if you tick these 5 boxes. But if you are living in an apartment you should know that this is not the best environment for them.

Are Border Collies Good With Cats. Once you own a border collie youll know that no other dog is a better. Bred to herd the border collie will get restless when cooped up in a small space.

Also how are they with being alone-possibly crated- for around 68 hours a day. These dogs are not recommended for people who live in apartments. And I have already discussed that we would be more than willing to come home during our lunch break and take the dog out.

These beautiful energetic dogs are built for living on farms and herding animals which makes them a poor fit for your tiny apartment. If you have several hours per day to dedicate to exercising and interacting with your dog there is no. My answer to that questions is- it depends Because Border Collies have been bred to herd and work.

I think the fact that we went out 2-3x a day plus hikes parks on the weekends really helped.

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