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White Factored Rough Collie

All should carry typical white Collie markings to a greater or lesser degree. Rough mahogany sable - this would be a tri factored sable collie.

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Stains are quite possible.

White factored rough collie. Research published 4 months ago by Korberg et al sheds new light on white coats in a number of breeds including collies. The next color is the white collie which comes with either a tri sable or merle head and spots on the body. More often than not they have a strong white stifle running up the back leg which connects with the white on the belly.

Color is carried on a recessive gene w and is inherited INDEPENDENTLY of sable tri or blue merle and may occur in combination with ANY of them. Sebastian - male white factored tri. USA BRIGHTON IL USA.

Now Blue Merles or any collie that is merle factored cannot be bred together it leads to early deaths hearing loss and eye problems and more. Color is carried on a recessive gene w and is inherited INDEPENDENTLY of sable tri or blue merle and may occur in combination with ANY of them. Skylight is a Merle.

Large black markings slate colour or rusty tinge either of top or undercoat are highly undesirable. The AKC Collie comes in two varieties the Rough long hair and the Smooth short hair. This was an unplanned litter and therefore will leave with no paperworkdad is our amazing aspen our white boy imported from spain and mum is our precious white.

When bred together both varieties may appear in a litter. Storm Calderas Farm Stormy Night is a harlequin collie--specifically she is a white factored tri factored harlequin sable merle collie. Rough Collie breeder in Poland since 1995 in Poland since 1995.

They have an abundance of pure white fur on their collar chest and legs. The white collie has the typical drawn collie head with sable tricolor blue-merle or sable-merle head and becomes predominantly white only after the typical ruff. A blue headed white is just as sound and normal a Collie as the tri or sable headed white.

The white collie will have a predominantly white coat with either sable tri or blue merle markings. Prestigious Lohrien Kennel FCI breed Collie Rough. When I bought her I had never heard of a harlequin collie and I thought she was just a very flashy regular sable merle collie.

Lohrien - Shetland Sheepdog Collie Rough and White Swiss Shepherd Dog. These collies are the result of a cross between either two white parents or white factored parents. Of the two alleles for the white spotting gene in collies one is fixed and one separates piebald.

The White Factored Coat - White Factored Shelties are excellent specimens of the Sable Black and Blue Merle coat colors. This big guy was the first to walk on all 4s eating his supplement formula and get feisty. At Aurealis we are primarily focused on the Rough variety but do occasionally breed top quality Smooth Collies.

When a Collie inherits the white-factored gene from both parents it becomes a White even if neither parent is. Non affected non carrier all collie anomalies. Collies are bred to herd sheep and be VERY gentle with.

They are one breed and judged by the same AKC standard except in regards to coat. Collie Litter of 5 Puppies FOR SALE near BRIGHTON Illinois USA. White coat in collies and shelties according to this new study is probably caused by alleles for piebald.

These collies are the result of a cross between either two white parents or white factored parents. Rough coat white factored collie puppies born Sept 28 2018. White-factored Collies are particularly visually impressive.

Following markings are favourable white collar full or part white shirt legs and feet white tail tip. Collie Dog Breeder near BRIGHTON IL USA. White coat color in all dogs including color headed white collies is currently under investigation.

2 Females 1 Male born 111219 ready to go to new loving homes. Only one boy left to find his new home from this absolutely stunning extremely unusual litter of white factor rough collie babies he is now fully vaccinated and doing well with house training and just about to begin lead training. Disqualifying faults have never been permitted under Kennel Club rules although a judge has always been able to dismiss any animal that they believe to be vicious or suffering from a contagious disease and it is now more than forty years since this same body insisted upon the removal of all fault clauses.

The white color is not recognized in the European standard. We breed Rough Collies of the best classic blood lines of Europe. All of our Smooth Collies are Rough-Factored and.

Tri male 500 Tri female 500 Merle female 800 Merle. A blue headed white is just as sound and normal a collie as the tri or sable headed white. A blaze may be carried on muzzle or skull or both.

Allevamento Amatoriale della Monade. A study by Izabella Baranowska Körberg found that the white coat in collies is probably caused by alleles for piebald. White-factored collies and both exhibit clearly visable white patches on their back.

Sable headed white photo courtesy of Darlene Kerr. The next color is a Blue Merle which is gene mutation of the Tri-Color. 2 Years 10 Months Old.

Ideally the white content is 80 but deviations are the rule. Collies that inherit only one white gene are called white-factored and typically have an increased amount of white on the collar legs and face.

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